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A city in a man's brain.

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Sword and Sorcery Tales

The Man with No Soul by Jeremiah Dylan Cook

  • A nameless rogue confronts a vicious baron to save a village and obtain revenge.
  • Completed Tale published in 6 installments from 12/05/18 to 06/19/19.

Scarred in Ink by E.C. Skowronski

  • With no memory of his past, a warrior wanders battlefields looking for answers.
  • On-going tale published in chapters starting on 12/26/18.
    • Chapter 1
      • With the only clue being his tattoo, our protagonist searches for allies.
    • Chapter 2
      • After barely surviving an encounter with a god, our protagonist is taken into a war camp.

Sabine of the Ten Rings by MJTR

  • Sabine, formerly a princess, wanders the land with her nemesis, trapped as a tiny jellyfish in a ring, looking for work and getting into trouble.
  • On-going tale published in story arcs starting on 09/17/19.

The Devils in the Jars by David Henry

  • Orsog attempts to rescue the kidnapped daughter of his friend from a sorcerer’s clutches.
  • Completed tale published in 5 installments from 09/23/20 to 02/24/21.

The Swarming in the Dark by David Henry

  • Orsog assists with a goblin infestation.
  • On-going tale started on 06/23/21.

Weird Tales

The Threshold by Jeremiah Dylan Cook

  • Doug crosses a mysterious threshold and finds himself exploring increasingly horrifying worlds trying to return home.
  • Completed Tale published in 10 installments from 01/01/19 to 11/06/19.

I, Death by Shawn Ewing

  • Two children are escorted to the afterlife by a woman serving as a Grim Reaper.
  • Completed Tale published in 3 installments from 10/30/19 to 04/08/20.

The Flesh Remembers by Samuel Langland

  • A professor reflects on the horrors he experienced in relation to his life’s obsession.
  • Completed Tale published in 1 installment on 10/31/19.

Holly and Wood by Lucas Click

  • A new priest confronts horrors in his church’s graveyard.
  • Completed Tale published in 2 installments from 04/01/20 to 05/06/20.

The Sheriff and the Samurai by Jeremiah Dylan Cook

  • A Sheriff and a Samurai confront an evil force in an Old West mining town.
  • Completed Tale published in 3 installments from 03/17/21 to 06/02/21.

The Circle of the Bear by David Henry

  • An archeologist discovers an unusual bear skeleton that leads him into mysterious depths.
  • Completed Tale published in 4 installments from 07/20/22 to 08/10/22.

Detective Tales

The Urn by Ralph Weld

  • A Private Investigator named Mac deals with escalating tensions surrounding a mysterious urn.
  • Completed Tale published in 4 installments from 12/19/18 to 03/05/19.

Angola LaGrange and the Brain Teaser by E.C. Skowronski

  • Angola LaGrange investigates a mysterious serial killer whose modus operandi is removing people’s brains.
  • Completed Tale published in 14 installments from 02/06/19 to 04/22/20.

Angola LaGrange: Invisible Apocalypse

  • Angola LaGrange investigates a mission person’s case.
  • Completed Tale published in 10 installments from 01/20/21 to 11/10/21.

Troll Patrol by Lucas Click

  • The Sheriff of Holtz Hollow in Appalachia, must contend with fantastical creatures living among the local populace.
  • Originally published in 7 installments from 06/11/19 to 02/26/20. There are only 3 installments currently available to read on New Pulp Tales, but installments 4-7 will be available on Kindle Vella soon.

Science Fiction Tales

The Getaway by Ralph Weld

  • A young boy navigates through a space station as things go south for the him and the residents.
  • Completed Tale published in 2 installments from 12/12/18 to 01/09/19.

Transverse by Samuel Langland

  • Mercenaries try to survive when their pulled into a hostile world as a result of their latest assignment.
  • Completed Tale published in 7 installments from 02/13/19 to 10/24/19.

The Corvanta 800 by E.C. Skrowronski 

  • Stan, a pilot, takes part in a race across space.
  • Completed Tale published in 1 installment on 05/22/19.

Iron & Glass by Samuel Langland

  • Upon the death of his father, a son inherits a device that transports him to a world of adventure.
  • On-going tale started on 08/20/19.
    • Year 1
      • Our hero discovers another world and battles for survival.
    • Year 2
      • Our hero fights to save the woman he’s fallen in love with.


  • In a world of darkness and monsters, a former champion fighter returns to the ring.
  • Completed Tale published in 3 installments from 06/30/21 to 10/06/21.

Beyond the Black

  • The crew of the Broc Mor starship search for the homeworld of the mysterious Voyagers.
  • Completed Tale published in 12 installments from 03/07/22 to 07/06/2022.


Loose Change

  • Writing tips and observations on the craft.

On the Dueling Ground

  • Two of our writers argue a point…to the death (or until one gets bored).

Pulp Spotlight

  • A spotlight on some of our favorite Pulp works.