Angola LaGrange and the Brain Teaser – All Installments

Angola Cover

Angola LaGrange and the Brain Teaser is a fourteen-part Detective Tale told in 1,000 word bites, give or take a few words. In the story, Angola LaGrange investigates a mysterious serial killer whose modus operandi is removing people’s brains.  All installments written by E.C. Skowronski.

Part 1

Angola LaGrange finds her missing person case has turned into a murder investigation.

Part 2

Angola deals with an intruder in her apartment.

Part 3

Angola investigates two previous murders with similar M.O.’s.

Part 4

The killer strikes again.

Part 5

Angola updates her client on the progress of the case.

Part 6

News of the serial killer leaks to the media as Angola moves on to her next lead.

Part 7

In the middle of the investigation, Angola is interrogated by the FBI.

Part 8 

With time running short, Angola makes contact with an acquaintance of the latest victim.

Part 9

Angola rushes to intercept a potential witness before it’s too late.

Part 10 

While the FBI closes in, the lead goes cold.

Part 11

Unwilling to give up, Angola challenges the FBI.

Part 12

A conversation with the Brain Teaser.

Part 13 

Desperate to wrap this case up, Angola confronts the Brain Teaser.

Part 14

Is this the end of the case or the end of Angola LaGrange? Find out here.