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Pulp Hero, the Shadow, and a Skeleton

New Pulp Tales publishes fiction installments harkening back to the golden era of magazine storytelling, while also blazing new trails. NPT also reviews classic pulp tales. The website was born as a result of Chinese food and a Heidi Ruby Miller class on the rising genre of New Pulp. Like-minded classmates in Seton Hill University’s Writing Popular Fiction Master’s Program joined together to create a web platform where they could create original pulp tales for a modern audience.

Current Editors and Contributors

Managing Editor & Contributor

Jeremiah Dylan Cook primarily writes horror. He tweets @jeremiahcook1, and you can find more information about him at his website www.jeremiahdylancook.com.

Senior Editor & Contributor

Eric Skowronski writes fantasy, sci-fi, and mystery. His website, www.ecskowronski.com is currently under construction but will hopefully be completed soon.

Editors & Contributors

In his spare time, SJ Langland dreams up what wonders and horrors he can, masquerades as an author, and desperately hopes people don’t figure out his ruse.

MJTR (Michael Joseph Tharnish Roby) writes fantasy of multiple varieties, including classical sword and sorcery, urban, and outlandish parody. Proper web links will be provided after he overcomes his crippling technophobia.


Shawn Ewing writes horror and speculative fiction. In his spare time, he enjoys absentmindedly wandering through life and questioning the sanity of those around him. He lives with five cats, and one has claimed him as hers.

David Henry writes Sword and Sorcery. You can follow him on twitter @DavidHenry2.

Former Editor & Contributor

Ralph Weld writes mystery, sci-fi, and fantasy. He is married to a woman who thinks he might be a little odd. They now have one dog who is in charge of their daily lives and are searching for another rescue. Check out his website at www.ralphweld.com and follow him on twitter @RalphWeld.

Lucas Click dwells somewhere in the rural Appalachian Mountains. There be stories in them hills, and he’s dedicated his life to finding them, at least the fantasy, sci-fi, and horror ones. You can find him on the internet, just as soon as he figures out how it works.

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If you’d like to reach out to New Pulp Tales Admin please email newpulptales@gmail.com